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8-Bit Ringtones

Media & Video

Install 50+ ringtones inspired by the blips, bleeps, and effects from retro 8-bit video games and vintage computers. If your favorite video game character had a mobile phone, it would probably sound like this! In addition to the "8bit" tones there are a number of other tones included from the RCP Ringtones library including Sci-Fi, Space, and Tech tones (retro-futuristic tones and beeps). Also included are vocoded robotic speaking tones that say things like "you have a phonecall" and "alarm activated."
The installer app will let you preview the tones, set them as your ringtone or notification sound, or save the tones to your phone's memory (to be used with the settings, music, or alarm apps). Every tone in our library has been carefully designed and professionally mastered to sound clear and pristine on your Android device.
Includes: · 8bit Ringtones and effects · Sci-Fi Iinspired beeps and blips · Space and echo tones · Robotic speaking alerts · Total: 50+ ringtones
Audio previews, support, and more are available at
Guaranteed: No hidden fees, no recurring charges, no DRM.
About Permissions: The use of permissions in this app is strictly related to setting and saving ringtones. We guarantee the privacy of your personal information.